The Big Book of Lunn     2 books in 1                                                                  

Over the Top with Jim — the childhood memoir serialised by Macca on Australia All Over

Chosen as one of the “50 books you can’t put down”

Head Over Heels — young love in Brisbane in the 1960s

Lost for Words                                                                                           

Australia’s lost language in words and stories. Wouldn’t that blow a hole in your nightie!

Chosen as one of the “50 books you can’t put down”.

Words Fail Me                                                                                           

more of Australia’s lost language. If you break a leg don’t come running to me!

  The “Over the Top with Jim” Album                                                                       

Photographs of the people of the famous book plus 1940s, ’50s ’60s Brisbane memorabilia.

 The Great Fletch                                                                                         

Larrikin Brisbane tennis player Ken Fletcher “the James Bond of the tennis world”.

“Think Russell Crowe in tennis whites” (New York TENNIS Magazine)

Over the Top with Jim                                                                                  

The Original classic Australian childhood

Vietnam: A Reporter’s War                                                                       

1967-68 A young Queenslander makes many friends and loses some in the fog of war.

“Hugh Lunn has written it truly. Even the lies are true” (Mike Carlton, 2GB)

Heaven hurts fair woman for sheer spite” (Nguyen Du, Vietnamese poet)

Spies Like Us                                                                                                      

Serialised by Macca on ABC Radio in 2009-10. Hugh and Kenny Fletcher leave Queensland to chase their dreams in Hong Kong, Macau and Red China.

Who’s that in the red cheongsam and is she one of us? Spies without sunglasses, Spies like us!

Working for Rupert

1970s & 1980s fondue sets, shag-pile carpet, and Hugh is “foreign correspondent in Queensland” for the world’s most influential (and now most controversial) man, Rupert Murdoch.

“Without a doubt the most instructive, emotional, enlightening and ironic biography on Murdoch” (Ignacio Crux Herrera, Washington correspondent)

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