Buy tickets to State of Origin the Musical

State of Origin: The Musical!  sold out three off-Broadway performances in November 2019 at the Princess Theatre, Annerley Road, South Brisbane. Yes, that’s the heritage theatre which in 2021 was remodelled and revamped. State of Origin: The Musical!  was written by Hugh Lunn and Gerry Connolly, the international comic actor, musician, and composer who grew up in the tiny Queensland village of Theodore. After the musical, Gerry headed south, where his new show The Rise and Disguise of Elizabeth R sold out at the Hayes Theatre in Sydney (February 2020) and he was showered with accolades. Theatre Now reviewer Veronica Hannon wrote, “A lot of the fun for us watching the multi-talented Gerry Connolly perform his spot-on caricature of Elizabeth R is we want to forget it’s not really her.” Another reviewer said: “The clever quips land solidly with roars of laughter, sometimes mingled with gasps of disbelief that yes, he does actually go there.”

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