Words Fail Me Ebook


More Australian lost language. If you break a leg don’t come running to me!

This wonderful follow-up to the best-selling LOST FOR WORDS continues its humorous and nostalgic trip through our language.
this long anticipated follow-up to the hugely successful and popular LOSt FOR WORDS revisits the rich, inventive and rogueish language Australians used to speak, before globalism stole it away.Hundreds of readers have responded to author Hugh Lunn’s request and donated a torrent of forgotten words and sayings that he overlooked in his first book.’So many arrived it was like trying to take a sip out of a fire hose,’ Hugh said. ‘And these words were so obvious, that if they were a snake, they would have bitten me by now.’WORDS FAIL ME intertwines the sayings and phrases of yesteryear with true stories and anecdotes and recaptures what Australian used to be like back when. Hugh also casts a satirical eye on modern language madnesses: the road signs, the asterisks, the gobbledegook andcorporate speak that have replaced our euphonious direct language. As they would say today: ‘He is having issues!’Lovingly collected, WORDS FAIL ME takes delight in the way we once were; a people with their own unique lingo — clear, exaggerated and joyful.