Vietnam spy secret from 1980 told now in 2014

My book Vietnam: A Reporter’s War (first published 1985 and still in print) tells the story of me and my friend Pham Ngoc Dinh. In the book Dinh revealed that his Saigon journalist friend Pham Xuan An, a correspondent for TIME Magazine between 1966 and the end of the War in 1975, was all the time a Viet Cong Colonel (after the war he was promoted to General). An revealed himself as a spy to Dinh the day before Dinh got out of Vietnam (with An’s help) in 1980 — and Dinh told me all about it for my book. BUT HE ASKED ME TO KEEP ONE PART OF THE INTERVIEW SECRET UNTIL AFTER THE DEATH OF HIMSELF AND COLONEL AN. So here it is; it is not in my book:
Dinh said Colonel An invited Dinh to his house that day in 1980 (five years after the War ended) to ask a favour. An told Dinh: “When you get out you try to contact Robert Shaplen from the New Yorker; Beverly Deepe of Newsweek; Anthony Lawrence of the BBC, and American journalist Neil Sheehan and ask them to find out a way to take me and my family out.” Dinh asked how they could do that and An replied: “Meet me on sea.”
Dinh said he speculated that An was suffering because of the lack of food and schooling for his children “and he feel guilty he bring back his wife and four children who already evacuated from Saigon to New York by TIME Magazine five months before”. Dinh said: “An, he was the man who guarantee I leave Vietnam. He proved he could guarantee I go and he expect I return him favour.” But Dinh decided not to act as Colonel An’s agent and said he never contacted those journalists as he and his two young boys wanted to begin again in Australia. He was worried “from both sides” — “Communist Vietnam or CIA”.

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