Spies Like Us / CD

First published: 2009

bookcover_spiesCD This is a talking book, or, more precisely, a recording of the serial of Spies Like Us which was broadcast on ABC Radio on Ian “Macca” McNamara’s radio show Australia All Over. Macca also serialised Over the Top with Jim.

For this recording, Macca wrote a song and then recorded it with a band he gathered for a jam session at a studio one night in Sydney. His song captures perfectly the sophisticated 1960s in which the story is set: the 007 rhythms, Ian Fleming, Burgess, Philby and McLean, the nightclubs of Hong Kong, the Chinawatchers, the gambling in Macau, and over it all, the fun and freedom of  two young mates off to see the world, including China and Russia,  getting into trouble, and out of it.

This 5-CD boxed set is put out by ABC Books. To create the episodes, Hughie had to cut text from the original book, and add new information and stories which had come to light since the original publication.

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