Over the Top with Jim / Jim & Me

First published: 1992

bookcover_jimandmeThis is the version of Over the Top With Jim for primary schools.Edited by Barbara Ker Wilson, Jim and Me tells the story in a simpler, easier-to-read form.

The Queensland Education Department made a kit for primary school teachers based on Jim and Me. The kit includes the text plus a work book for the teacher and a video in which Jim and Hughie are interviewed together — with hilarious results – when Jim suprises everybody by taking a clove of garlic from his pocket and challenging Hughie: “In the book, you said I ate garlic! Well, show me how you eat garlic!” To keep Jim happy, Hughie takes a bite, not realising you just cannot eat raw garlic.

The one big advantage I had over all the other kids in Annerley was that my father Fred owned a shop. A shop full of gigantic glass bottles full of lollies, shelves of chocolates, cartons full of Hoadleys Violet Crumble Bars, a fridge full of soft drinks of every colour, shop windows filled with cakes, and milkshakes in every flavour from vanilla to lime. And he let us kids have anything we wanted.
There were so many different cakes to eat: butterfly cakes, lamingtons, rock cakes, Napoleons, custard slices, sweet mince tarts…but ahead of everything I favoured a big slice of rainbow cake which was three thick layers of sponge cake – chocolate, strawberry and vanilla – with whipped cream in between each layer. Fred always said you could tell a Queenslander because a Queenslander would always carry a pound of rainbow cake under his arm.


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