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2013 Brisbane Writers Festival

IN BRIEF  Friday 6 September 3.30 pm at The Edge at the State Library, “Sporting Nation” with Hugh, Don Watson and Justine Larbalestier

Saturday 7 September 4 pm Auditorium 1 at the State Library, with Robert Hoge’s new memoir Ugly and Trent Dalton and Hugh  

Sunday 8 September 2.30 pm Gallery of Modern Art lecture theatre “Words Fail Me” Hugh with Roly Sussex, Kaylah Tyson, Kelly Higgins-Devine

IN FULL Friday 6 September “A Sporting Nation” with Hugh Lunn, Don Watson (Paul Keating’s speech writer) and Justine Larbalestier (Magic or Madness; Team Human) 3.30 pm at The Edge at the State Library

Saturday 7 September Robert Hoge will talk  about his new memoir Ugly.

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