50 Years Since The Day the War Was Lost


On 31 January 2018, The Australian newspaper published Hugh’s story marking the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. Google The Day the War Was Lost to read the published story.



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Ross Livermore Lecture – The Origin of THE Origin

This speech was delivered in unusual circumstances as rain leaked from the ceiling into the classy Patterson Room at Suncorp Stadium that Saturday morning. A gigantic storm had struck Brisbane that morning. It was so huge and sudden that Police called on motorists to stay home; cars were washed away; and even the Eagle Farm races had to be cancelled

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Never out of print 2017

It is 50 years since Hugh was in the middle of the  Vietnam War. While some in the book industry say “books have the shelf life of yoghurt”, Hugh’s Vietnam: A Reporter’s War is now published by HarperCollins. This memoir of 1967-68 covering the Vietnam War as a Reuters war correspondent took 17 years to find a publisher — University of Queensland Press — but has never been out of print since.…

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Winner announced 4 April 2016

HughSandstone1 HughSandstone2

COMPETITION WINNER ANNOUNCED. Read on. Twenty years ago  the above sandstone carving by Brisbane sculptor Dr Rhyl Hinwood was erected at the University of Queensland to celebrate the successful publication of some of Hugh’s books by the University of Queensland Press (UQP).…

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Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences

Hugh Lunn was made a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences on 4 November 2015. He was one of a small group of scientists and academics, made Academy Fellows by Governor Paul de Jersey AC at a ceremony on Wednesday night at Government House, Brisbane.…

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Hugh on being Australian

Click on the graphic below to hear Hugh and ABC Radio 612’s Steve Austin talk about Being Australian

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