Milton Tennis Memories YouTube

Click on each name to watch tennis greats talking to Hugh Lunn and Peter Rasey on YouTube. Ashley Cooper won Wimbledon age 21 and married Miss Australia, Helen Wood. He names Llew Hoad as the best player he came up against. And Mal Anderson, who won the US Open un-seeded. Originally from the Queensland town of Theodore, near Rod Laver’s Rockhampton, Anderson names Ken Rosewall as the toughest to beat. And Frank Sedgman, the last man to win all three Wimbledon titles in the one year. Hugh interviews Brisbane tennis identity Brian Laver who is famous in Queensland for being Rod Laver’s cousin, for running a left-wing bookshop, and for being a tennis coach and friend of Jimmy Shepherd. Next up, Australian actor and scriptwriter Jeffrey R. Row introduces a suite of interviews with Trevor Fancutt talking about early tennis days, touring the world, and how true everlasting love for Daphne (nee Seeney) Fancutt brought him to Australia. Hugh Lunn talks about his tennis memories. More interviews with Australian tennis champions follow. In these clips recorded in Brisbane in 2014, the champs reminisce about tennis in the old days, especially tennis at the world-famous Milton Tennis Stadium in Brisbane, which was once home of many Davis Cup Challenge Round Finals and Australian Open championships. Part of the old Milton site was known as Frew Park and it will soon re-open as a park. You can also watch a clip of North Queensland champ Billy Lee Long – a member of the Hopman Squad who was like a brother to Kenny Fletcher – and Jimmy Shepherd who was Rod Laver’s doubles partner and recently retuned to coach in Brisbane after 40 years coaching in the USA. Click on each name to see Wendy Turnbull, Fay Toyne, Geoff Masters, all Queensland icons. Then there is The Stefan Racquet and Ken Fletcher Park.

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